Latest Tips

Keep hair lustrous

The combination of sun and salt can turn your sexy summer style into dry, dehydrated strands.  So make moisture masks your weekly treat to keep your hair supple.  Hair is no different to skin.  In summer it’s a constant job keeping it hydrated.   We recommend our Nourish Hydra-Soft Intensive Treatment.  $23.50


Stay Trim

Hair can become straw-like in summer, causing your otherwise sharp bob or cute crop to look prematurely shabby.  Regular trims will keep damaged ends at bay.


Smooth Frizz

Heat and Humidity dry out your hair, causing fly-aways and frizz.  To keep it under control, use a styling cream before your beach session to weigh hair down.  And just a tip, don’t be afraid to use a men’s product.  These tend to be more water-resistent.  We recommend our Frizzy Phase 1 Smoothing Creme.  $22.50


Fight Colour Fade

Just had your colour done?  Sun and surf can be harsh! Protect your new hue and prevent brassiness by spritzing on a leave-in conditioning spray after a dip in the ocean.  As soon as your hair dries, spritz it again.  The hair cuticle opens in hot weather, allowing moisture and colour to slip out.  Save it by keeping the cuticle closed.  We recommend Essentials oils Instant Bliss.  $24.95


Try a simple up-do

Sweep your hair up into a topknot or pony tail.  These are always chic, you look groomed, cool and your hair will not stick to your neck.  Going from beach to bar, why not try winding damp hair into a bun and fasten with a fringe pin.  Let it dry naturally and unravel for loose, smooth waves.


Shield your scalp

Everyone knows to slap sunscreen on their skin but did you know your scalp needs protection too.  Of course for the best protection, slip on a hat.  If this is not an option, and your hair is fine, apply sunscreen directly to your scalp.  Hair protectors with UV filters will NOT shield your scalp.  Spray-on, alcohol based sunscreen is light, dry and you can apply it directly to your part-line.


Lather and Rinse

After a day at the beach or in the pool,  there is nothing better than a good shampoo and condition.  Get all that salt and chlorine out of your locks with a good quality shampoo and follow up with  a nourishing conditioner.  For natural hair try our  Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner, or for coloured hair, our Colour anti-fade Shampoo and Conditioner and lastly for blondes,  Always Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner.  All these are sulphate free and $21.95.


And finally – Sleep on it

Give your hair a long tall drink.  After shampooing, coat your lengths and ends with a treatment like our Nourishing Hydra Soft Intense treatment and go to bed.  Your hair will absorb all the goodness while you sleep.


So you have done all this and still your hair feels like straw;  come and see us.  We will get you looking your best again.

Have a great summer everyone.